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My mission is to run an investment firm where managers are selected for their skill not their pedigree. -Ken Kam

Forbes Articles

My Forbes column is a great way to great way to showcase your investment strategy and skill. To maintain my publishing privileges we have to deliver a significant investment insights rather than be merely self promotional. Over the long term you will gain followers from the smart ideas you become known for. However, an article can contain links back to your profile page at where your track record can be showcased in a more compelling format. The goal of the Forbes article is not to immediately sign up new accounts, but to generate awareness and interest in following your investment ideas and results. Here are a few templates for articles that have proven effective in generating leads.

  • Best Ideas Ideal for showing your investment process.
  • Taking Profits Helps prospects understand your sell discipline.
  • Avoiding Losses Reach prospects when they are open to hiring a portfolio manager.

Submitting A Draft

The best way to work together on a draft is to use GoogleDocs. Paste your draft into a new GoogleDoc and share it with with editing privileges. Please follow the Forbes Style Guidelines.

Responding To Comments

After an article relating to your ideas is published, check to see if there are comments on your article. In deciding which articles to promote, Forbes gives a lot of weight to the number of comments an article gets. I have seen many cases where an article that gets a couple of comments in an hour gets prominently placed on the investing homepage. Don't initiate a comment on an article your ideas are featurned in. article. But if someone makes a comment, it is kosher to post a reply.