Forbes Style Guidelines

Article Templates

In order for me to get articles published, your drafts should follow the Forbes Style Guidelines. Here are the most important rules:

  • Your draft should be written in question and answer format: Bold the questions with unbolded responses. Please make sure you identify yourself with your first and last name on the google document. No quotation marks.
  • One space after a period, not two.
  • Suggested headlines should be in serial caps. This means The First Letter Of Every Word Is Capitalized. Even ‘being’ verbs, prepositions and conjunctions. Do not use all caps.
  • No tickers in headlines
  • Numbers one through nine should be written with letters, 10 and above should be written with numerals.
  • Sourcing matters! When you are reporting on someone else’s news and it’s clear that the story originated with them, make sure you attribute the source. If you are making bold claims in your article, they should be supported with sources and data.
  • “%” not “percent”
  • Do not use serial commas (also known as oxford commas). This means we do not use a comma before “and/or” in a list.
  • When providing stock prices you can omit "per share" or "/share". It is implied.